+Cover unit
 Automatic comprehensive performance tester
 Semiautomatic comprehensive performance tester
 Manual control comprehensive performance tester
 Assembling Working Table
 Separation high indication corrector
 Dynamic endurance tester
 Static endurance tester
+Clutch plate unit
 Torsional Rigidity Tester
 Face compression characteristic tester
 Torsional Endurance Tester
 Dragging Moment of Force Tester
 Swing difference corrector
 Rivet machine
+Diaphragm spring
 Load Characteristic Tester
 Endurance Tester
 Detecting force machine
+Balancing machine
 Balancing machine
 Balancing machine Å
 Imitation trial machine simple dragging tester set
 Weight Removing Bits Absorption Horizontal Drillin
 Double quality flywheel torsional endurance tester














Separation high indication corrector

  This machine is on-line style equipment of productive use,
using programmable controller to control all the operation,
the structure is rational and reliable, and production
efficiency is high. It can display separation high indication
and fingertip hoping amount through measurement of the
percentile scale, and can correct by hand.
    Main technical indicator:
    Gross clamping resultant of clip jaw >4500kg
    Start clamping time <1s
    Drive head automotive driving time <3s
    Drive travel (adjustable) 0-50mm
    Double-purpose for pushing and pulling style.
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