+Cover unit
 Automatic comprehensive performance tester
 Semiautomatic comprehensive performance tester
 Manual control comprehensive performance tester
 Assembling Working Table
 Separation high indication corrector
 Dynamic endurance tester
 Static endurance tester
+Clutch plate unit
 Torsional Rigidity Tester
 Face compression characteristic tester
 Torsional Endurance Tester
 Dragging Moment of Force Tester
 Swing difference corrector
 Rivet machine
+Diaphragm spring
 Load Characteristic Tester
 Endurance Tester
 Detecting force machine
+Balancing machine
 Balancing machine
 Balancing machine Å
 Imitation trial machine simple dragging tester set
 Weight Removing Bits Absorption Horizontal Drillin
 Double quality flywheel torsional endurance tester
     ChangChun King Brand Testing Equipment Company
ChangChun King Brand Testing Equipment Company is a professional scientific research unit for researching and developing clutch and related detail testing equipment. The institute was founded in 1999, located in Hongqi Street of Changchun City, which belongs to busy section of urban district with convenient communication. Our institute have many years of researching and developing experiences on clutch and related detail testing equipments, at present, we have various standard series types of modernized testing equipment which used for testing comprehensive performance of clutch cover unit, diaphragm spring, clutch plate unit and so on, besides, the products of clutch manufacturing and assembly equipment, balancing machine etc. all realize the computer control and testing automation, the science and technology content is high, design is in advanced, which can meet the needs of clutch manufacturer in testing each performance figures of clutch and related details. The institute center in its clients all the while, persist in the behavior rule of Client the highest, be honest and credit, quality the first and fine service; what's more. After selling the equipments or products, there is detailed operation training, prompt problem solving and lifelong technical consultation. We maintain the interest of users, and the image of company, obtain unanimous favorable comment and full trust from a great many users. In light with the principle of human first, giving full play to the professional initiative of scientific personnel, stirring up the enterprising spirit of all the staff members and the working initiative, continuously enhancing the performance of equipments and perfecting the technology, thus keep the leading position in the industry all the while. The related testing and manufacturing equipment for the clutch developed by our institute have already been widely used by clutch manufactures in the country. They are testing equipments matching in the production line of clutch, check the quality of products, highly improve the qualification rate of the clutch production, and ensure the quality of product for the enterprises. Our institute have 36 staffs with high quality, most of which are above the junior colleges and bachelor's degree, there are 5 professional scientific research personnel, 5 personnel with high grade professional techniques title and rich experiences, and 8 personnel with medium professional techniques title. The institute is dedicated to the research of application to machine-electrical technology, have strong developing and manufacturing abilities in testing equipment of (automobile) industry, automatic control system and automatic instruments and apparatus, already produce high-precision intellectual dynamometer, torque instrument and so on. Owning to the introduction and application of foreign advanced technology, many technologies of the product are in leading position in the domestic, and key technology acquire the national, provincial and municipal scientific progress awards. The institute carry out ISO9000 Quality Management and Quality Guarantee system in all respects, implement the strategy of "innovate science and technology, quality the first", make sure 100% qualification rate for the products, execute the Law of products' Quality strictly. The quality guideline of the institute is: quality is life of enterprise; Quality goal is: 100% qualification rate of products, 100% satisfaction rate of users. The favorable cooperation between us would certainly may us become your eternal friends!


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